Global ESG Monitor

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Global ESG Monitor published

The Global ESG Monitor is a new initiative to assess the environmental, social and governance (ESG) transparency of companies around the globe. The Global ESG Monitor examines ESG reports from over 140 companies that are listed on some of the world?s largest stock market indices. It challenges business to never cease looking for ways to be more open and transparent with their stakeholders.

Why transparency matters

The Global ESG Monitor is established on the belief that corporate transparency is the foundation to solving local, regional, and global sustainability problems.

Greater transparency:

  • Improves corporate accountability towards stakeholders and society at large.
  • Helps companies to identify and address existing and potential sustainability impacts.
  • Increases the available data that can be used to solve sustainability problems.
  • Builds trust and supports partnership between the private, public and civic sectors.

The ESG Monitor was first conducted by cometis and KOHORTEN starting with an analysis of DAX® and MDAX®-listed German companies. Following this initial pilot study, cometis and KOHORTEN designed a proprietary analysis method to be used in future studies ? the GESGM ASSAY?.

Recognising that ESG issues do not stop at the border, cometis and KOHORTEN (Germany) formed an international partnership with Currie (Australia) and Xenophon Strategies (USA) in 2020, and the research has become global. It now covers three continents and over 250 companies from six of the world?s largest stock market indices.

If interested, both reports (Global Report and Ranking) can be ordered free of charge:

Key ratios for marketing and sales

Information is an important basis for decision-making in all marketing and sales activities. Information is needed along the entire management decision process: From the analysis phase, through the conception and implementation phase to the control phase.

The central success factor for effective marketing and targeted sales is a uniform basis of key figures. With its help, the success of marketing & sales measures can be measured and optimized.

Within the scope of market research projects, these key figures can then be measured regularly and monitored with the help of key figure controlling.

If you are interested, the reference book can be requested through us.

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