The KOHORTEN Institute

Marktforschung, Marketingforschung, Marktforschungsinstitut
Full Service Anbieter

Individualized Market research since 1973

For over 45 years KOHORTEN has been a full-service institute for individualized market research. We develop customer-oriented research formats from a marketing-oriented perspective. Essential components of our understanding of the institute are behavioral-economic and qualitative-psychological approaches.

KOHORTEN market research gives you better access to your customers, employees and stakeholders.

Our research focuses on motives, decisions and behavioral patterns. As a market research specialist with many years of experience, we help you to reach your target groups and address them in a customized manner. Our in-depth experience in various markets, industries and subject areas, as well as our broad spectrum of psychological, ethnographic and quantitative methods make us a strategically important partner for marketing, ESG and human resources.

Our range of services includes:

  • Psychological motive studies
  • Target group segmentation
  • Image and positioning studies
  • Conception tests
  • Advertising material and advertising effect studies
  • Design-related studies (CI research, design research, editorial studies, packaging tests)
  • Brand equity studies
  • Brand Core Investigations
  • P.o.S. observations, trade surveys
  • Employee surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Surveys of terminating customers and complainants
  • Stakeholder surveys in the context of materiality analyses

The KOHORTEN studies include recommendations relevant to practice. We combine our enthusiasm for research and reflection with the knowledge of creative processes and the challenges of their implementation in practice. 

Our promise: We find approaches that are suitable for every research question in terms of content and methodology.

We always take several perspectives into account and combine proven methods for results that are usually backed up several times and concrete recommendations for action.

We are a member of the BVM – Professional Association of German Market and Social Researchers

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