Financial Services, Sustainability

KOHORTEN expands market research for financial services and sustainability

We are pleased to have won another expert for our team in Verena Hofstetter. Verena brings along industry experience from around two decades of insurance. She was last active as range chief for selling management with the #Inter insurance and as a business guide of the #Nord-OstseeVermittlungsgesellschaft, the #adinovo, the #Sach- und Kapitalvermittlungsgesellschaft as well as a lecturer at the #DHBW.

Her topics are sales strategies, customer satisfaction, cancellation prevention and CX management.

Through her professional training as a psychological, systemic sustainability coach©, Verena will also support us in the future in the areas of materiality analysis, stakeholder dialogue and workshops (agile methods).

About her joining KOHORTEN, Verena says

I am looking forward to the new task.

Above all, I am excited about the change of perspective, because with KOHORTEN I am looking at an industry in which I have worked for many years and in which I see great potential for research.

Welcome on board Verena!

Verena can be reached directly at from 01.01.2021.