Case: UX-Research

Usability Test

Challenge: Observations on the usability of the website (motives, intentions and behavior)

Industry: Insurances

Approach: UX research on a persona basis

Task: In preparation for a relaunch, KOHORTEN carried out observations on the usability of the website in an experimental pilot study. The selection of target persons was based on previously defined personas. The study was designed to give the client a concise, well-founded impression of the motivations, intentions and behavior of the defined personas.

This involved questions like: From which motives do the personas visit the website? How did they inform themselves before/ otherwise? What do they want to achieve by visiting the website? (goals). How do they describe their first impression of the new website? (advantages/ disadvantages/ surprises/ unusual). How do they go about their website visit in detail? Which main and side paths do they follow? Which barriers do they encounter during their “customer journey”? How quickly do they reach their destination? How satisfied are they with the process? How do respondents who knew the previous website rate the new website? (Existing customers and potential new customers) How does the tested website compare to known, already visited competitor websites?

Results: Audio and video recordings of the process for each interview (also: click paths, morae evaluation), case histories including SWOT analysis based on subject behavior, synopsis of the findings on a personas basis, concrete recommendations for target group precision and further development of the website developed from the data using statistical methods.