Desk Research

Desk Research, Sekundärforschung, Datenaswertung

Desk Research – get important information quickly

You want to know more about a market or a target group? Are you looking for information about potential and existing competitors, are you working on an innovation or looking for input for a presentation or speech? You have never systematically evaluated your customer and cancellation data?

Here we can help you. Our research experts research and collect all important information on your issues and prepare them in clearly structured reports. For this purpose, we use professional databases and statistical sources, internal data sources (e.g. cost accounting, field service reports, marketing information systems) as well as material from competitors, specific associations or chambers, annual reports, scientific publications as well as the analysis of advertising material, company magazines, company portals / homepages or social media comments.

Desk Research is one of the methods of secondary research (i.e. researching data that has already been collected) and includes the compilation and preparation of existing data material. Since the data has already been collected, secondary research is faster and cheaper than primary research. It should therefore be used first for research economic reasons. However, desk research can also be used as a supplement, e.g. for the interpretation of primary data (comparisons, additions and internal plausibility checks).

Possible objectives of desk research are Market assessments, competitive analyses, positioning questions, product portfolios as well as strength-weakness profiles or trends and forecasts.

An often unused field of application is the evaluation of internal data sources (data mining). For example, data on cancellations or cancellations and sales or even the utilization of rooms can be analyzed more precisely. Possible analysis approaches include questions about the distribution and decline of orders, the call up of services to customer target groups and customer differentiation. You can find an example of this approach here.

The desk research can also be supplemented by expert surveys or mystery shopping or visits to trade fairs.

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