Market Research Methods

The KOHORTEN approach: A broad spectrum of market research methods

KOHORTEN studies create insights, foundations and opportunities for further study, evaluate measures that have been implemented and open up new development perspectives. At the core of the study is the question of how people make decisions, what motives, needs and desires play a role and what behaviors are related to them. And above all, how our information-flooded, complex world can succeed in attracting the attention of target groups in the first place.

Understanding more through market research

First understand, then be understood – this effectiveness formula formulated by Stephen R. Covey also describes what KOHORTEN is all about: customized, innovative marketing research. That’s why KOHORTEN studies always take into account the context from which a research assignment is formulated in addition to the complexity of human decisions. The Institute thus sees itself as a translator between the performance-oriented thinking of the client and the benefit- and use-determined expectations of potential target groups.

It is typical for KOHORTEN that studies are designed in several stages, or (when conducted simultaneously) that several methods are combined to avoid a “one-sided” approach. To this end, we use a broad repertoire of psychological-qualitative, ethnological-descriptive and quantitative methods that enable us to understand the behavior and decision-making processes of customers or employees.

Our spectrum of methods includes:

Desk Research, Sekundärforschung, Big Data, Data Mining
Desk Research
Tiefeninterviews, Psychologische Interviews, Iterative Interviews
In Depth Interviews
Gruppendiskussionen, Fokusgruppen, Focusgruppen
Focus Groups
Workshop, agile Methoden, Design Thinking, Marktforschung
Ethnographie, Teilnehmende Beobachtung, Marktforschung, qualitative Forschung
Teilstrukturierte Interviews, CATI, CAWI, CAPI, Studiotest
Semi Structured Interviews
Online-Forschung, quantitative Befragungen
Online surveys