Workshop-Teilnehmer erarbeiten eine Fragestellung. Agile Methoden, Design Thinking

Workshops – using collective intelligence and creativity

Are you looking for creative impulses and new perspectives? Do you want to use the competencies and experiences of as many different actors as possible for your innovation process? Are you looking for a new form of structured exchange – for example between makers and customers, different departments or different stakeholder groups? Use the collective intelligence of workshop participants and get the most important answers to your questions within a short time.

We create space to collect observations from the different perspectives of the participants. For our workshops we use different creativity techniques, agile methods as well as proven approaches from over 45 years of institute experience.

Workshops allow us to make available the existing experiences and their processing when using group dynamics. This is achieved in the shortest possible time, as the workshop participants offer each other stimulation and reflection aids. This method is suitable for developing (corporate) strategies, concepts, product ideas or services. When using group dynamics, this method allows for a time-lapse effect to make available the existing experiences and their creative processing.

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