Online research and personas

Challenge: Overview of the current market situation for prefabricated houses as well as awareness levels and images (the latter only as far as available) for about 30 brands

Industry: Prefabricated house construction

Approach: Online survey with statistical processing to personas

Task: On the occasion of the repositioning of a prefabricated construction brand, KOHORTEN conducted a market survey. Central 2 target groups were considered: Building owners who had built a house in the last 5 years and those willing to build in the planning phase.

The focus was on the following questions: How can the current prefabricated house buyers and interested parties be described socio-demographically? Which prefabricated house brands are known? Which information sources are used and how are they evaluated? What are the requirements for the building project? How does the customer journey proceed? How is the prefabricated house distinguished from the conventional house? What is the image of the prefabricated house in detail?

Procedure: The study was conducted online. As a result, the client received an overview of the current market situation for prefabricated houses as well as the degree of awareness and images for approximately 30 brands. The study also served the client as a zero measurement against which later changes – approximately every 3 years – can be measured. In a second step, six persona types for the client’s marketing were developed from the data using statistical methods.