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ESG Monitor 2020 published

Wiesbaden, 2020: In an elaborate study, KOHORTEN, together with the investor relations agency cometis AG, examined the ESG reporting of all DAX and MDAX companies. The ‘ESG Monitor 2020’ highlights quality issues in sustainability reporting.

The study covered companies listed in the DAX and MDAX stock indices in December 2019. Companies based outside Germany were also included. The non-financial statements in the annual report (NFE) and the separate non-financial reports (NFB) were examined. A total of 113 reports were available for analysis.

The focus is on questions such as:

  • How important is ESG in companies, how is sustainability understood on the issuer side?

  • In what form do DAX and MDAX companies report?

  • (format, concept, scope, language of publication, deadline)

  • What is the difference between NFE (non-financial statement in the annual report) and NFB (separate non-financial report)?

  • How does ESG reporting differ in DAX and MDAX?

  • What role do ESG ratings play in ESG reporting?

  • What attempts are made to standardize ESG reporting and make it comparable?

  • How important are the traceability and measurability of ESG data for reporting?

  • How are goals and priorities defined?

  • Which topics are covered?

  • How is the non-financial information prepared?

  • How is ESG reporting organized in the company?

  • What has changed or will change in the future?

The study concept comprises three perspectives:

  1. Analysis of the ESG reporting of DAX and MDAX companies by a team experienced in the financial markets:

  2. The data collection tool developed for this purpose comprised around 180 survey points, which were systematically evaluated for NFE and NFB. Individual exploration by representatives from the IR and sustainability departments of the issuers (DAX and MDAX). The aim of this qualitative exploration was to explore the conditions under which ESG reporting is produced and to develop an additional depth dimension for the interpretation of the results from the analysis of ESG reports.

  3. Research on the status quo of ESG reporting: historical development, definitions of sustainability, actors in ESG reporting, laws, regulations, guidelines, ESG financial instruments, support for companies

The results of the ‘ESG Monitor 2020’ are available in two versions:

  • ESG Monitor 2020 – The Report. A descriptive presentation of the findings

  • ESG Monitor 2020 – The Ranking: Ranking of the Best ESG Reports

If you are interested, both reports can be ordered free of charge.

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