Semi Structured Interviews

Semi StructuredInterviews: Quantification level with a certain depth of field

Personal, semi-structured interviews are a good way to combine the possibilities of explorative research (uncovering structures and patterns, finding hypotheses) with those of descriptive research (describing facts and circumstances). The semi-structured interview has a high degree of standardization (wording, sequence and number of questions are precisely defined), but at the same time leaves the respondents room to express themselves individually, so that the motives for possible differences in resonance, for example, can be worked out.

It is recommended that semi-structured interviews be prepared by a lead study. Since this does not have to produce reliable results, but serves exclusively to collect material and structure the problem area, a smaller study scale is already sufficient.

Semi-structured interviews can be conducted in person (CAPI – Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing), by telephone (CATI – Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) or web-based (CAWI Computer Assisted Web Interviewing).

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