First understand, then be understood:

Understanding more through market research

You want to understand what motivates or slows down your customers and market partners? Do you want to know what emotional benefits customers associate with your services and products? Are you looking for answers to the question of how you can ensure that your customers have a more positive experience with your brand, your product or your service?

KOHORTEN provides you with evidence-based insights. Using the tools of market research, we examine sales barriers (why do certain target groups not decide positively?), motives for termination, possibilities for increasing customer loyalty or insights into reception behavior.

Customer Centricity:
We put your customers in the center

We conduct research throughout Europe. Typical for KOHORTEN is the reflective approach to the possibilities and limitations of our methods. That is why we offer customized, multi-stage research approaches. The focus of our research is the human being with his motives, decisions and behavior. Our clients include listed corporations, publishing houses, foundations and associations as well as owner-managed medium-sized companies from a wide range of industries.

We provide background information and accompany innovation processes

KOHORTEN uncovers potentials. In terms of content, we deal with all marketing-relevant questions – from the employer brand to target group potential analysis. We identify consumer landscapes, examine consumer behavior and attitudes, check the sensory qualities of products or the resonance of packaging. Our areas of application thus encompass the entire management decision-making process: from analysis, conception and implementation to checking whether objectives have been achieved.

Our methods are tailored precisely to our research assignment. To this end, we draw from a large pool of psychological-qualitative, ethnological-descriptive and quantitative methods as well as diverse experience in various industries. 

Practicable results and practice-relevant recommendations are important to us, which is why we combine our enthusiasm for research with our interest and experience in creative processes and their implementation.

Current studies

ESG, Nachhaltigkeit, Sustainability, ESG-Berichterstattung, Marketingforschung
Digitalisierung, Schule, Digitalpakt, Lehrkräfte

Messages and Insights

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