In-depth interviews

Szene aus einem Tiefeninterview, qualitative Befragung, psychologische Tiefenintnerviews, Consumer Intimacy
Tiefeninterview, qualitative Marktforschung

In-depth interviews – deep insights guaranteed

In-depth psychological interviews are a particular KOHORTEN specialty. This method offers the chance to make connections between wishes, expectations and judgments and the acceptance of an offer understandable in the individual case. They enable a structural understanding of the motives that contribute to certain attitudes, expectations and evaluations. For example, laddering techniques, projective techniques and associative methods can be used and certain terms can be examined for their specific, deeper meanings.

Questions and procedures are tailored exactly to the needs of the client.

Different approaches are conceivable:

  • The survey is carried out retrospectively in the household of people who, for example, have made a corresponding purchase within a defined period of time.
  • The target persons are determined in the investigation and/or purchase phase at the P.O.S., are already briefly interviewed there and then explored in detail about the previous steps. A further contact is agreed upon, in which the experiences in the post-purchase phase are then registered.
  • Persons interviewed in the household who have expressed a specific purchase wish that they would like to realize in the near future are provided with a budget for this purchase (e.g. 30 €) and then accompanied throughout the entire process.

The interviews can be set up in one or more stages. Two-stage interviews with a survey interval of, for example, one week have the advantage that different approaches can be combined or the test persons are stimulated to further discussions by test material. In addition, the two-stage procedure has the advantage of activating the most important memory contents and feelings of our interview partners that are relevant to a topic of investigation. For this purpose, we experiment with iterative interviews and ask our interview partners to collect products, pictures and memorabilia related to the topic before the interview; if the interview takes place in-home, we are happy to connect a “pantry check”.

In-depth interviews are suitable for numerous research tasks. The test persons are selected with a screening questionnaire, which not only ensures quota characteristics but also the quality of the sample.

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