Focus groups

Fokusgruppen, Fokusgruppen, qualitative Forschung, Gruppendiskussionen

Fokusgruppen – Marktforschung mit Zeitraffer-Effekt

Focus groups – market research with time-lapse effect

A focus group is a group of usually 8 to 10 participants who discuss a topic introduced by the moderator at a certain time and place. The careful composition of the group takes into account educational level and expressiveness as well as considerations of homogeneity/heterogeneity.

The interaction of the group takes place under the supervision and partial control of a trained moderator. The method has a preliminary stage character, the procedure is not very structured, there are few directives (no pure querying, no rigid, fixed formulations). It provides “original sound” for the formulation of items or questions and gives a first impression of the nature of a field of investigation (collection of hypotheses and material).

Group discussions can be conducted throughout Europe in the test studio or online, in all cases using stimuli such as text, images, audio or video material.

Focus groups are suitable for the quick survey of a larger variety of opinions (time-lapse effect). For example, to check concept ideas or to identify causes for consumer behavior. The test persons give each other stimulation and reflection aids. The discussion can encourage individual, surprising and emotional expressions. Social influences can be observed, such as complaisant reactions, existing taboos or self-presentation wishes. If desired, the client can take part in the focus groups behind a one-way screen as a listener and thus also gain an immediate impression of the way his target persons deal with a particular topic.

Focus groups, designed as psychological-qualitative lead studies, can also prepare the statistically validated quantification stage.

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