Case: Materiality analysis

Multi-stage process of research, survey, analyses

Challenge: Consideration of different perspectives of various stakeholders

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Approach: Combined, multi-stage and iterative approach

Objective: Identify and classify key issues, provide foundational information for building an ESG strategy.

Basis: Survey of rating agencies, standard setters, regulators, associations and company-specific stakeholder groups.

Procedure: The relevant topic areas (with a particular focus from the industry-relevant areas of product and employer responsibility) were reduced step by step. A combined approach of document analysis, stakeholder selection, stakeholder engagement and impact analysis was employed.

Result: The merging of all data into the materiality matrix resulted in 7 topics of very high materiality and 11 topics of high materiality. This means that the client is able not only to meet the expectation target of relevant stakeholders, but even to exceed it – far beyond the ESG report.